Thursday, April 2, 2009

solving a problem...

i love my tiny pocket sketchbook and i love doing watercolor studies in said sketchbook. the problem is that images often bleed through and cut down on the number of usable pages. it also leaves empty pages for the viewer. The solution i came up with involves doing separate watercolors on 11x14 marker paper and then cutting it up and taping it in. the marker paper is thin enough to not muck up the flow of the book but sturdy enough to hold wet media (ha!) without turning to pulp.

I'm really pleased with the new compositions that are created by chopping up a larger study.... i'm sure i won't always be so lucky, but right now i'm two for two. here is the first attempt, a fun study of my cube at work... i'll post the second attempt (my beloved tarheels) later today... enjoy.

first the original watercolor and pen study... then the four pieces taped into the sketchbook...

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