Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Basketball Jesus a.k.a. Woodgrain Larry

i did this piece (spray paint, acrylic and gold leaf on panel) with the intent on giving it to espn's bill simmons at his book signing in philly today... but alas i teach a section of drawing at the local community college at night and could only cut the class a bit short... so i jet out, hit the rainy highway and hope for the best. make decent time and arrive at borders in center city at 10 after nine only to have the doughy f*ck at the door tell me about their strict closing policy... bite me.

i am belligerent enough to get his boss down there who gives me the same schpeil and a "bill's been signing for 3 hours." no sh*t, i know what time it started and the truth is, i don't want him to sign anything, i just wanted to give him woodgrain larry and a hearty handshake. settle up a bit for the hours of procrastinating he's provided in my cubicle. so manager guy agreed to bring it up and put it "in bill's box." HIYO!

here's hoping the dough boy made good on his word and basketball jesus finds a home at the simmons's's's and not at the bottom of the border's books dumpster....

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